Llistat de DVD’s y Blu-Ray en stock que pots trobar a La Botiga. Si vols que et reservem alguna cosa escriu-nos a [email protected]

Ashes of American Flags. Wilco Live. 17.95€
Dave Chapelle’s Block Party (Michel Gondry). 19.45€
Depeche Mode 101 (D.A. Pennebaker). 9.00€
B-52’s With the Wild Crowd. Live in Athens, GA. 2DVD, 18.95
Bob Dylan Don’t Look Back (D.A Pennebacker). 12.45 €
Cash for Kenya. Live in Johnnstown, PA. 16.50€
Control (Anton Corbijn). Bluray 15.95€
Dame veneno (Pedro Barbadillo). 13.45€
Ella Fitzgerald live in Montreux, 1969. 15.50€
Gainsbourg… Le Zenith. Live 1989. 13.95€
Gainsbourg, vida de un héroe (Joann Sfar). 13.45€
Gainsbourg, vida de un héroe (Joann Sfar). Bluray, 16.45€
George Harrisson. Living in the Material World. 18.95€
Global Metal. 10.00€
Greendale, a film by Neil Young. 8.95€
Heaven Adores You, a film about Elliott Smith. 18€
High Fidelity (dir. Stephen Frears). 7.95€
Inside The Smiths. 20.45€
Joe Strummer, vida y muerte de un cantante. 10.00€
Johnny Yesno Redux. Con música de Cabaret Voltaire (2 DVD + 2 CD).  23.40€
Kanye West, Late Orchestration. 13.75€
Kurt Cobain. About a Son. 13.45€
Leonard Cohen. I’m Your Man. 9.00€
Loud Quiet Loud. A Film about The Pixies. 10.50€
Marvin Gaye Live In Montreaux 1980. 16.95€
Metal, A Headbanger’s Journey. 10.00€
Michel Petrucciani. Un film de Michael Radford. 13.45€
Miles Electric: a different Kind of Blue. 18.70€
Minor Threat live at DC Space ,1980-1983. DVD + libreto de 16 páginas. 18.95€
Morente (Emilio R. Barrachina). Bluray 20.95€
Morphine: Journey of dream. 20€
New Order live in Glasgow (2DVD).  9.00€
No Direction Home (Martin Scorsese). 11.95€
Pixies Acoustic. Live in Newport. 18.70€
Pobres pobres, que les den por el culo (Pepe Sales). 13.45€
Portishead.Roseland New York 9,95€
Prince Sign ‘O’ The Times. 18.50€
Pussy Riot. A Punk Prayer. 20.95€
Rize (David Lachapelle). 10.00€
Scott Walker, 30th Century Man. 10.00€
Searching For Sugar Man (Malik Bendjelloul). 14.00€
Serge Gainsbourg. 14.95€
Sonic Youth. Corporate Ghost. The Videos 1990-2002. 13.10€
Some Yo Yo Stuff. Don Van Vliet by Anton Corbijn. 20.40€
Sound City (Dave Grohl). 19.95€
Standing In The Shadows of Motown. 6.95€
Störung Festival. DVD + Libro. 20.95€
TAMI Show. Teenage Awards Music International. DVD+ libro de 20 páginas. 11.95€
The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975. 13.95€
The Clash. A Westway to the World. 14.00€
The Filth and the Fury. A Sex Pistols Film 9,95€
The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter. 10.75€
The Rutles. All you Need is Cash, 30th Anniversary Edition. 11.95€
The Story Of Anvil. 8.00€
The Smiths. The Complete Picture. 12.00€
The Swell Season. 13.45€
Tim Buckley. My Fleeting House. 20.95€
When You’re Strange. Una película sobre The Doors (Tom Dicillo). 13.45€
Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars. The Motion Picture. 13.95€